Monday, March 16, 2020

The Matrix Film Editing Techniques essays

The Matrix Film Editing Techniques essays Editing Techniques The Matrix The movie that I have chosen is called The Matrix. The Matrix is directed by brothers Andy and Larry Wachowskis. These directors have created themselves as innovative filmmakers who push the boundaries of live-action films, such movies like Star Wars and The Terminator, which showcase a unique visual style. The Wachowskis achieved this breakthrough on a display of techniques and digital effects, some never before seen in Hollywood films. Even though computer morphing technology had been used before in films such as The Abyss and The Teminator 2, but the Wachowskis were the first to use Flow-Mo, according to the Wachoskis, Flow-Mo is a time-bending digital effect that utilizes both computer-generated imagery and still photography. These are the types of predominate scenes that are used throughout the film. The term Flow-Mo refers to the technique used to create primary foreground subjects. For Flo-Mo, the Wachowski brothers wanted to be able to move a high-speed camera around subjects so that the scene will have a slow motion shot with a dynamic camera move. What made it so difficult was that the directors wanted to shoot very, very fast. A few high-end cameras have rates of 300 fps and then they explode at 301. The directors wanted the flexibility to choose frame rates at higher than 500 at will, with the ability to move the camera around the subject as if the scene was occurring at normal speeds. This simply was not possible with conventional technology. Then they would combine Flow-Mo with virtual backgrounds. The result, what is called virtual cinematography, which was something that seemed as natural as any real photography, but was completed almost entirely on the computer. The film itself is a complex story that aspires to mythology, focusing on a computer hacker named Neo (Keanu Reeves) who search...

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