Saturday, February 1, 2020

Minutes of associated student organization Essay

Minutes of associated student organization - Essay Example In fact, Sarah and Michael had a screaming match about the amount the fees had increased in the past for the next half hour. Although it was facetiously entertaining, it emphasized the degree of seriousness this particular issue has brought the student community. A resolution was passed collectively to protest against this increase; nevertheless, one of the students, Bob, refused to sign his name to anything due to his phobia about commitments. The second issue that was discussed was the lineup for the next semester’s musical events. Bob remarked that there were too many country acts, and not enough alternative acts. He noted, â€Å"A little country goes a long way†, which spurred conflict with Marty, another member of the body. Marty vented, â€Å"What do you want, some idiot in leather who spits up fake blood.† He added that country acts are popular in the whole community as compared to alternative acts, which draw audiences very poorly. With the current policy of up-front deposits required by Elite Productions, the body agreed to ensure that we don’t book any weak acts, which could deplete the whole budget of the student organization for the entire year. Bob replied that he did not mean to neither degrade nor insult country acts, and the two agreed to discuss the issue at a deeper

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