Thursday, November 21, 2019

Reflection Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 17

Reflection Paper - Essay Example As per the release of the movie, most evident aspect of the happening is the music. The music is an evolvement from the past and tends to grow over time. There is the Broadway sound that the film creates that goes by the name of Tin Pan Alley. The term represents the structure of music that was the result of talented singers and composers such as Richard Rodgers. Besides, there are other notable types of songs that also appear in the film that are also remarkable. The other aspect of the film is the lyrics. The instance relates to the words that create the music. The words tend to graduate from the position of songs to more of works of poetry. The evidence to the fact is that the works of some of the song composers such as Cole porter’s lyrics that are quotations in many works of poetry anthologies around the globe. The songs tend to catch all the catchphrases, the sentiments, the words, as well as the stanzas. The music is also patriotic in some instances, rhapsodic in other cases, witty and risquà © in other instances. The time of production of the material in the film relates to a time when there was a need for the songs to be catchy and also provide service for the comedians and the dancers. However, by the 1930s, the role of the music was shifting towards greater significance that suits their lyrics. The music in turn took a different structure that would accomplish a more serious role. The primary structure would constitute a narrative that would form the backbone of the particular piece. The term that would describe the structure was libretto. As a result, the music had a great influence on the artistic field and the cultural practices. The film illustrates the importance of the music at to appoint where there is the need of a music director. The primary task of the director was to give shape to the production of quality music, and the also design the whole concept that each song reflects. Moreover, the director’s work is to

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